Causes of failure of the loader engine

Aug 07, 2022
The loader engine is a very important part. In daily use, some small situations will inevitably occur. In order to facilitate the better use of the loader, let me explain to you the reasons for the failure of the loader engine: 1. Damage to the supercharger: The supercharger is a key component that affects the power of the loader engine. If the supercharger burns out, the speed will drop, the intake pressure will drop, and obviously the engine power will also drop. 2. Insufficient air supply: the turbocharged diesel engine relies on the exhaust pressure to blow the turbine, thereby driving the pump wheel to rotate at a high speed, and the intake pipe delivers compressed air to ensure that the engine outputs a larger power. 3. Inaccurate fuel injection timing: if the fuel injection advance angle is too large, the engine of the loader will emit black smoke; if the fuel injection advance angle is too small, the engine will emit white smoke. Whether it is black smoke or white smoke, it will cause the engine power to drop. 4. Insufficient oil supply Insufficient oil supply: on the one hand, due to the leakage of the low-pressure oil circuit of the fuel pump, the oil quantity is sufficient under the condition of small load. On the other hand, due to long-term non-maintenance, the diesel filter is blocked by dirt, and the oil supply resistance increases, which makes the oil supply not smooth. Under the condition of small load and small amount of oil, the oil supply is sufficient, but in the case of large load and large amount of oil, the oil supply is sufficient. Insufficient fuel supply, resulting in a drop in engine power. The above four points are the reasons for the failure of the loader engine. You can simply refer to the above content, hoping to help you.