Maintenance measures for road rollers during storage and transportation

Aug 07, 2022
When the road roller is not working, it should be properly stored. There are several points to be paid attention to during storage: First, the storage environment. When choosing the environment, try to choose a dry warehouse. Keeping dry is an important measure to prevent rust damage. If it rains, cover it up in time and use appropriate methods to keep the ground dry. In addition, the fire prevention treatment of the storage place, prepare enough fire-fighting equipment, and keep away from the fire source. In addition, during the transportation of the road roller, the following points should be paid attention to: the first is the choice of transportation status. When transporting over long distances, try to use trailers and flatbed trucks for auxiliary transportation. When lifting and transporting, ensure the safety of the locking device. Correct installation, prevent the shaking of the fuselage frame and avoid accidental falling off. The second is the requirement of self-transportation. In the case of short distances, the choice of road conditions is very important.