How To Repair The Water Tank Of A Small Loader?

Aug 07, 2022
If there is a problem with our small loader water tank, it will affect our use, so timely maintenance is the key, so how should it be repaired? Next, I will give you the following suggestions. 1. What needs to be done is to check. When checking the water level of the water tank of the small loader accessories, it is necessary to turn off the engine first, and then check after the engine and the water tank have cooled down. We need to check the water level of the auxiliary tank, but in general, we should not open the tank cover. 2. If there is no auxiliary water tank, then we need to remove the water tank cover of the small loader and follow the following operating instructions. 3. Then we can only check the water level after the water level in the water tank is lowered, that is, by approaching the engine and the water tank by hand to check the surrounding air temperature, but we cannot directly touch the engine and the water tank with our hands. We'll loosen the tank cap, release the pressure of the water inside, and slowly remove the tank cap.
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