Precautions Before Flushing Loader Accessories

Aug 07, 2022
Generally speaking, the parts of mechanical equipment must be regularly maintained and maintained, among which the loader parts are also unavoidable. In addition to maintenance and maintenance, it is the washing of the loader parts. The cycle of washing the loader parts is determined by the structure and system of the system. The degree of contamination is determined. If the sample of the filter medium has no or very little foreign contamination, install a new oil filter, remove the flushing plate, and install the valve. So what should be paid attention to before the loader accessories are flushed? Let me introduce to you below. 1. Make sure that no foreign particles enter the fuel tank from the vent cover of the fuel tank, the plug seat of the fuel filter, the sealing gasket of the fuel return line and other openings of the fuel tank. 2. Check whether the hydraulic oil of the loader accessories is acidified or polluted by other pollutants. The smell of the hydraulic oil can roughly identify whether it is deteriorated. 3. Repair leaks in the system. 4. If the electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the system, the servo valve must be flushed so that the oil can flow from the oil supply pipeline to the collector and directly return to the oil tank. This allows the oil to circulate repeatedly to flush the system and allow the oil filter to filter out solid particles. 5. During the flushing process, check the oil filter of the loader accessories every 1-2 hours to prevent the oil filter from being blocked by pollutants. Do not open the bypass at this time. If you find that the oil filter starts to block, change the oil filter immediately. 6. Regularly flush the inlet oil filter of the oil pump. Loader parts should be inspected and replaced oil filters at most 500 hours or three months. The above is about the matters needing attention before flushing the loader accessories, I hope it can help everyone.
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