Maintenance Points For The Engine When The Small Loader Is Out Of Service And...

Aug 07, 2022
Small loader is a kind of earthmoving construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, hydropower, construction, port, mine and other construction projects. It can also bulldoze, lift and load and unload other materials such as wood with different auxiliary work devices. But sometimes the small loader is not used, and sometimes it may be stored for a long time, so how should the engine be maintained? 1. Start the engine once a month, and attach a new oil film to the surface of the moving parts. 2. Before the small loader is put into storage, after its engine is completely stopped, check the oil and drainage of each part; during the storage period of the inventory, before starting the engine every month, check the oil in all parts and drain the water. 3. Every time you start the engine, it must be fully warmed up. The above are the key points of engine maintenance when the small loader is deactivated, I hope it can help you.
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