How To Solve The Problem Of Ignition Of Small Loaders in Winter

Aug 07, 2022
Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder every day. I believe that many old drivers have encountered the problem of difficult ignition of small loaders in winter. Let me give you some knowledge in advance to prevent the problem of difficult ignition of small loaders in winter. When using a small loader in winter, after using unclean fuel, some incombustible colloids will remain in the diesel. When impurities accumulate in the combustion chamber, it will cause difficulty in starting in winter, or even no fire. Solution: Drop some oil into the combustion chamber and start normally. After startup, go to the service station for no-disassembly cleaning. In severe cases, remove and clean the cylinder head. The small loader is supplied with oil and electricity, but it will not catch fire. When the use frequency of small loaders is very low, the water vapor after combustion of the engine freezes at the exhaust pipe, which affects the long-term emission of exhaust gas and cannot be seriously started. The solution is simple. Put the small loader in a warm environment and it will start naturally after freezing. If it is not completely resolved, you can run a little more, and the heat of the exhaust will completely melt the ice and discharge it. Do your homework for the winter operation of the small loader in advance. Don't panic even if you encounter a small loader in winter, just follow the solutions provided by the editor. If it can't be solved, don't dismantle it blindly, ask professionals to come and check, excluding faults.
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