Ways To Avoid Electric Shock To Loader Attachments

Aug 07, 2022
When using a loader attachment, an electric shock can occur due to negligence or ignorance of how to use it. Electric shock can have serious consequences, so it requires us to master some ways to avoid it, so as to bring protection to our lives. What are the ways to avoid electric shock for loader accessories? The following small series will introduce. 1. Do not touch live parts. 2. Operators should wear safety protective equipment to operate. 3. Before starting work, carefully check whether the insulation of the loader power input line and cutting cable is good, whether the wiring is correct, firm and reliable, and whether the capacity of the power distribution box and power line meets the requirements. 4. When the casing and other protective devices are removed, they shall not be used for cutting operations. 5. When the operation is completed or temporarily leave the cutting site, the input power of the cutting machine should be cut off. 6. Regular maintenance should be carried out by professionals. 7. If the loader fails during use, it should be stopped in time for inspection, and continue to use after troubleshooting. When using loader accessories, we must pay attention to the problem of electric shock, because it will cause harm to our life and property, thus affecting our work efficiency, and may also bring some other accidents.
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