What Happens To Small Loader Tires?

Aug 07, 2022
The small loader will be in an emergency during use, so turn off the engine first to avoid accidents, especially if the tires will have various conditions from time to time. Let's briefly understand the situation of the loader tires: In the process of using a small loader, once we find that the tire pressure and tire temperature are too high, we should park the car in a cool place to cool down before continuing to drive, but we should not reduce the tire pressure by deflating or use cold water. Pouring hot tires to avoid accidents during the work of the small loader. When the temperature is too high in summer, because the number of tire layers of a small loader is about 14 layers, and the heat transfer is faster than that of a large tire, it is easy to overheat the tire, which increases the internal pressure and promotes the physical properties of the tire's rubber. down, causing a tire blowout. The above are the faults that are prone to occur in the tires of small loaders. I hope everyone can pay attention. If you want to know more about it, you can continue to pay attention to our dynamic updates.
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