How To Maintain The Loader To Prevent Rust?

Aug 07, 2022
The working environment of the loader is generally harsh, and it is often faced with conditions such as wind and snow, exposure to the sun, severe cold, etc. The paint on the outer surface and the internal structure often rust. If we do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, and do not do anti-rust treatment, it will accelerate the aging speed of the loader and affect the service life. So how should we do the rust prevention work when we usually use the loader? 1. Because the working environment of the loader is harsh, first observe whether the paint on the outer surface is damaged when the loader is stopped, and repair the paint in time for the damaged areas. 2. For the metal surface that has rusted, the rust surface should be polished off first, and then painted. 3. For metal parts without paint surface, the loader can be smeared with butter to prevent rust. 4. For the bucket of the loader that is often in contact with materials, it is a place with serious wear and tear, and the rust surface appears. It can be polished and repainted after rust removal. 5. Lubricate the bearings and transmission parts in time to prevent rust.
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