Low Loader Oil Pressure Factor

Aug 07, 2022
Loader is a kind of earthmoving construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, hydropower, construction, port, mine and other construction projects. It is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk materials such as soil, gravel, lime and coal. Can also be used for light scraping of ores and hard soils. What is the cause of low loader oil pressure? (1) The oil quantity of the engine oil is less than that: if the oil quantity of the loader is insufficient, the oil quantity of the oil pump will be reduced, and the oil pressure will be insufficient, which will aggravate the wear of the crankshaft and bearings, cylinder liners and pistons. (2) The engine temperature is too high: If the engine temperature of the loader is found to be very high, the engine oil will be aged and deteriorated, which will lead to the thinning of the engine oil and insufficient oil pressure. (3) When the oil pump stops running or the pump oil volume is less than: , the fixed pin of the driving gear and the driving shaft of the oil pump is broken or the matching key falls off, the oil pump sucks foreign matter and jams the oil pump gear, the oil pump stops running, and the oil pressure drops to 0. When the clearance between the pump shaft and the bushing, the clearance between the gear end face and the pump cover, the side clearance or the radial clearance exceeds the allowable value due to wear, the pump oil volume will decrease, resulting in a drop in oil pressure. (4) The matching gap between the crankshaft and the connecting rod bearing is too large: after using the engine for a long time, the matching gap between the crankshaft and the connecting rod bearing will become larger and larger, and more and more problems are prone to occur, especially the oil Insufficient pressure. (5) The oil filter is blocked: When the oil filter is blocked and cannot be cleared, the safety valve on the oil filter base is forcibly opened, resulting in the oil not flowing into the main oil circuit normally. If the opening pressure of the safety valve is set very high, when the oil filter is blocked, the safety valve will not be easy to open, so the pressure of the oil pump will rise, the internal leakage will increase, and the oil supply of the main oil passage will be reduced, resulting in oil Insufficient pressure. (6) The oil return valve is damaged or faulty. If the spring of the oil return valve is fatigued and softened or adjusted improperly, the mating surface of the valve seat and the steel ball is worn or stuck by dirt, the oil return volume will increase significantly, and the oil pressure of the main oil circuit will also decrease. (7) Oil radiator or pipeline: oil leakage from the oil radiator and pipeline will reduce the oil pressure. If the pipes are clogged with dirt, oil flow and oil pressure will decrease due to increased resistance. (8) Oil pressure sensor failure or oil pipe blockage: If the loader oil pressure sensor fails, or the oil pipe from the main oil passage to the oil pressure sensor has poor circulation due to fouling, the oil pressure gauge will show a drop in oil pressure. (9) The oil suction pan is blocked. Oil is dirty and sticky and tends to clog the oil suction pan. If the engine runs at low speed, the throttle is small, and the oil pump suction is not large, the main oil circuit can still build a certain pressure, and the oil pressure is normal; however, when the throttle is increased and the oil pump is running at high speed, due to the excessive suction cup resistance, the oil suction of the oil pump is significantly reduced , resulting in a drop in the displayed value of the oil pressure gauge. (10) The problem of incorrect brand or substandard quality of loader oil is that different engines add corresponding oil, and the same type of engine should use different oil in different seasons. If the wrong brand of engine oil is used, the engine will run. Loaders are used for filling and excavation of roadbed engineering, loading of aggregates, asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard, etc. In addition, it can be used for bulldozing, leveling the ground and towing other machinery. Loaders have the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability, and easy operation, and have become one of the main machinery for earthwork construction in engineering construction.
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