How to avoid oil contamination during loader installation

Aug 07, 2022
The daily operation of the loader requires oil lubrication, so how to avoid oil pollution during installation, let's take a look at it together. The oil suction port of the hydraulic pump of the equipment should be installed with a coarse filter, and the oil suction port should be at a corresponding distance from the bottom of the oil tank; the oil outlet should be installed with a high-pressure fine filter, and the filtering effect should be in accordance with the working requirements of the system, so as to prevent the hydraulic system from being blocked by dirt. Failure; a filter screen should be installed on the hydraulic oil tank partition of the loader to remove impurities not filtered by the oil return filter. A metal protective ring should be installed on the hydraulic cylinder of the equipment to prevent dirt from being brought into the cylinder, and to avoid leakage caused by the erosion of the hydraulic cylinder by muddy water and light radiation; the iron filings and impurities inside the hydraulic components should be checked and cleaned before installation. ; Regularly check the hydraulic oil. Once the oil is deteriorated, there is much foam, there is a lot of sediment, and the oil and water are separated, the system should be cleaned and the oil should be changed. Before adding the new oil to the oil tank of the loader, it should be allowed to settle for precipitation, and then it can be added after filtering. If necessary, an intermediate oil tank can be set up for the precipitation and filtering of the new oil to ensure the cleanliness of the oil.
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