Improvement Measures for Bending of Piston Rod of Loader

Aug 07, 2022
(1) Increase the bearing width, generally the bearing width is 1.2 to 1.5 times the diameter of the piston rod. (2) During the assembly process, make full use of the adjustment pad to ensure the matching clearance and alignment between the two ends of the boom cylinder, the frame and the boom, and enhance the anti-wear performance of the adjustment pad material. (3) Improve the discharge structure; increase the opening distance and inclination angle of the discharge plate, reduce the accumulation of blanking materials, and facilitate the smooth and natural discharge of blanking materials; increase the discharge distance between the lower end of the boom cylinder and the main engine to facilitate the large size Stone discharge. (4) The instruction manual stipulates the requirements for regular cleaning of the accumulated materials. After the improvement, the loader piston rod no longer bends.
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